2D & 3D Design and Drafting

• Equipment upgrades and redesign
• Autodesk Autocad and Inventor software
• 2D drafting and laser cutting
• 3D drafting and digital prototyping

We have available the latest autodesk autocad and inventor software. This allows us to rapidly draft new components, complete digital prototypes and provide 3D renderings of proposed repairs for review.

This software greatly increases our efficiency when manufacturing complex parts and reduces “trial and error” waste at the prototype stage. We also use elements of the drawings as digital files to provide laser cutting data for fabricated parts.

We work closely with a local laser cutting and powder coating company to produce high quality, professionally finished components.
One of the key benefits to using this software is the ability to visualize and animate assemblies before manufacture. This gives the client an opportunity to see how the part will function before it is manufactured.