Industrial Services

Industrial Engine & Component Overhaul

We can provide overhaul and repair of most plant and process equipment including:
• Pumps
• Gearboxes/Reducers
• Process equipment
• All types of rotating/reciprocating machinery
• Industrial Diesel and Natural Gas engine overhaul

Through experience we have developed a process of equipment inspection, provding an “as found” report with failure analysis and a detailed repair proposal for review.

When projects are undertaken we document the repairs made, provide updated drawings for any new parts and required documentation for “management of change” processes if any significant upgrades or improvements have been made.

Celtic Power employs skilled craftsmen who have extensive experience overhauling large industrial natural gas and diesel engines.  We have worked on engines in all environments from engine rooms in marine vessels to stationary electrical generators in freezing cold and tropical heat.  We prefer to have smaller engines transported to our shop when extensive work is required but can also provide onsite service, maintenance and repair for larger generating power plants and heavy machinery.  Our specialty is slow and medium speed engines, though we provide full service for all industrial engines.  We also have a wide knowledge of European engines gained from our work before emigrating to Canada.

We carry out engine component machining “in house” using a wide variety of machine tools to deal with various size engine components.  We provide component inspection services with comprehensive reports.  We also have the tools and equipment to complete Magnaflux wet and dry crack inspection and have a large variety of measuring tools to provide complete inspection and condition reports from complete engines to the smallest components.

We have experience maintaining and servicing engines for many clients from health authorities to Hutterite colonies.  We also specialize in supplying power generation equipment, offering moving and installation services as well as ongoing maintenance and technical assistance.

Rigging and Moving

• Heavy equipment moving
• Jacking systems
• Rigging and lifting equipment
We have experience lifting, jacking and moving heavy equipment.  We have jacking systems capable of lifting 200 tons, rigging and supplies for lifting up to 80 tons, heavy machinery skates for moving loads up to 40 tons.
We have been involved in many projects moving large, heavy or difficult equipment in and out of tight spaces in or on uneven ground.  We would be happy to look at any project and develop a proposal and work plan.